Over the next three years (2017–2019), the Lab will be involved in the following seven activities.  Watch this temporary website, and ultimately a permanent new website, as we build out our capabilities in these areas.

  • Election Administration Data Archive and Clearing House. To facilitate the sharing of election data that is especially relevant to the advancement of Election Science, the Lab will develop a web-based tool that will serve as a clearing house for the dissemination of critical datasets, such as state voter registration files, nationwide precinct-level election returns, and GIS files relevant to the spatial analysis of election data.
  • Election Science Resource Portal. The Lab will contribute both to the establishment of a more robust academic field of Election Science and to the dissemination of its findings among the public by the development of a web site that will serve as a one-stop “portal” into research about these matters.
  • Election Science Research Network. The Lab will facilitate the creation of a network of scholars who identify with the field of Election Science and identify a set of academic institutions that share the same goals as MEDSL.
  • "Snap" research on emerging election science topics. The Lab will maintain an ongoing research capacity that will allow it to deploy resources at a moment’s notice and provide “snap” analysis of emerging problems with American elections, in order to help communicate dispassionately with the public about the causes and possible solutions to such problems; and also to help identify long-term research directions for the scholarly community.
  • Support the Caltech/MIT Voting Technology Project. MEDSL provides ongoing administrative support for the MIT operations of the Caltech/MIT Voting Technology Project.
  • Manage the Election Data and Science New Initiatives Fund. For the next three years, the Lab will provide grants to scholars — prioritizing advanced graduate students and junior faculty members — to enhance the research they are conducting in the field of election science.