2017 Recipients

The MIT Election Data and Science Lab (MEDSL) is pleased to announce the funding of 14 proposals as part of its New Initiatives Grants in Election Science.  The total amount granted is just over $160,000.  Grantees total 30 scholars from 21 institutions.  Of the 14 proposals funded, 12 went to teams that were led by junior faculty members or PhD students.

The New Initiatives program was made possible through a generous grant from the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation. An announcement for a second round of proposals will be issued in January 2018.

Applicant Name(s) Project Title Amount Granted

Brian Amos and Michael McDonald

Fabricating Precinct Boundaries $17,000
Joseph Anthony and David Kimball A Study of Photo ID Implementation in Missouri Jurisdictions $3,280
Kyle Endres and Costas Panagopoulos Field Experiment in the 2017 Virginia Election $12,000
Brian J. Gaines Primary Election Laws, State by State $5,000
Nadine Gibson Maintaining the Machinery of Democracy: Assessing the Quality of Voting Equipment in the 21st Century $15,000
Brian Hamel, Jan Leighley, and Robert Stein Who Votes When--and Why? $10,000
William McGuire, Loren Collingwood, Ben Gonzalez O'Brien, and Katie Baird Evaluating the Impact of Drop Boxes and Get-Out-The-Vote Advertising on Voter Turnout in Pierce County, WA $16,365
Thessalia Merivaki and Joseph "Dallas" Breen Investigating Voter List Maintenance Practices at the Local Level: The Case of Mississippi $5,000
Michael Miller and Bernard Fraga Who Does Voter ID Legislation Keep From Voting? Evidence from Texas $10,235
Zachary Mohr, Martha Kropf, Mary Jo Shepherd, and JoEllen Pope How Much Are We Spending on Election Administration? $19,895
Brandon Rottinghaus and Jeronimo Cortina The Impact of Vote Centers on Turnover: The Case of Texas $9,000
Mara Suttmann-Lea The Deserving Voter: Poll Worker Decision Making at the American Ballot Box $10,000
Adriano Udani and David Kimball What Fraud Looks Like: A Conjoint Analysis to Examine Perceptions of Voter Fraud $17,500
Abby Wood, Christopher Elmendorf & Douglas Spencer Vouchers, Information and Ideology $14,000