Meet the Team: Jack Williams

Meet another member of our research team

Today we're meeting Jack Williams, one of our senior research associates.

How long have you been at the Lab? What do you do?

I have been at the lab since June of 2019. I work primarily on the recently updated Election Performance Index, and I also help out with a variety of other research and data projects at the lab.

What were you working on before you joined MEDSL?

After college, I interned in the research department at Education Week and then worked as a research associate focusing on election administration before I came to MEDSL.

How did you become interested in elections?

Elections are one of the many parts in the larger machine that makes the US run. Anyone interested in the political history of the United States can see many of the issues and movements of the past still reflected in the management of elections today. A great way to learn about niche historical topics is just digging into election results.

What's your favorite fun fact?

My fact is related to a little bit of Massachusetts history. The governor who succeeded the well-known former mayor of Boston, James Michael Curley, is Charles F. Hurley, who was also the treasurer of Massachusetts during Curley's tenure. Hurley was 1 of 4 treasurers elected in a row, spanning from 1931-1947, with the last name "Hurley." As far as I can tell, none of them were related.

What MEDSL project are you most excited about?

The Elections Performance Index, which measures the performance of the administration of elections, has some new indicators in its 2020 update, which is exciting. In addition, there are quite a few projects leading up to and preparing for the midterms that are going to keep me pretty engaged this year.

Jack Williams is a senior research associate at the MIT Election Data + Science Lab.

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