Looking for our work from the 2018 midterm elections? Find links to our data and analysis here.

Elections 2018

Here at the MIT Election Data & Science Lab, we're dedicated to collecting, analyzing, and sharing core data and findings related to elections and election administration in the United States. We have been preparing to gather and disseminate data from the 2018 midterms elections and will make a variety of datasets available that will provide context and clarity to the election results as they come in.

On this page, you'll find quick links to all our work related to the midterms, including county-level demographic datasets, historical election returns, and election night results from all states that make them available. You'll also find links to our analysis and discussion of the data, as well as our discussions on available sources for election administration.

Data Links

Our 2018 Election Data

We will be listing here all of the data we have collected and published from the 2018 elections, as it becomes available. You can also visit our main Github page here. (Last updated: November 12, 3:56pm EST)

2018 Election Analysis Dataset: demographic and past election data at the county level that can be merged with 2018 election returns to analyze the 2018 election. (csv)

2018 Election Night Scrapers Read-Me



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