In addition to the full papers and summaries developed under this project, we are pleased to offer short videos featuring the authors of each paper. 

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Voting in person

Despite the rising popularity of mail voting, in-person voting remains the most common mode of voting in the U.S.

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Voting by mail

“Vote by mail” (VBM) or “Mail voting” is a permanent part of the American election ecosystem. 

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Voter registration accuracy and security

Voter registration lists are critical to managing elections, but keeping them updated can be challenging.

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Poll worker and election official recruitment, training, and retention

The election administration workplace, home to the “stewards of democracy,” is highly localized and varies widely. 

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Usability and accessibility

People with disabilities, senior citizens, Native Americans, rural citizens, and young citizens face a variety of barriers to voting. 

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Audits and validating election results

Election auditing is an independent review of a process of system to ensure compliance with election laws, policies, and standards. 

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Communicating with voters to build trust in the system

The stability of democracy depends in part on public belief in the legitimacy of elections. 

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